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“Urban creativity” in Lituania

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Together Italy apre le iscrizioni allo scambio culturale che si terrà a Vilnius dal 1 al 7 luglio.

di Arianna Scarozza


Ragazzi!!! Pronti per un nuovo scambio interculturale dal sapore artistico?
L'associazione Together Italy apre le iscrizioni allo scambio culturale “Urban creativity” che si terrà a Vilnius, in Lituania, dal 1 al 7 Luglio. 
I costi di viaggio, vitto e alloggio della visita preliminare sono rimborsati al 100%.
Urban creativity is an ambitious youth exchange that will bring together 42 young people from 7 European countries to express themselves through urban art. Urban art is a modern form of expression of young urban citizens. Many of them come from disadvantaged backgrounds and traditional forms of youth participation are not suitable for them. Urban art can be a way of expression for them. Graffiti and other kinds of urban art can be their voice that expresses their opinions, points of view, perspectives and emotions.
The youth exchange will bring together young people who feel they are urban artists and urban citizens. Graffiti is an interesting creative way of expression. Graffiti or tagging is often understood only in negative way and perceived by citizens as destructive. We can see that Vilnius public spaces are being degradated by tags. We would like to show through this project that graffiti and urban art can also be a legitimate way of cultural expression, that it can be undertaken through legal means and express the voice of young people.
The graffiti workshops at this youth exchange will be realised and led by young people from the international teams. We are creating a network of young people dealing with this topic and we would like to involve them more, to make them more active in the preparation and in the networking. There will be various artistic workshop developed (graffiti – installations – canvas – light graffiti shows). We will also go through the graffiti history and reflect about it. We will try to establish links also with local artists or art institutions in the venue of the youth exchange. Educational workshops for participants, aimed at project management, fundraising, preparation of international youth exchanges, NGO management, methodology of intercultural learning through urban art experience, are internal part of this exchange. Like this, the youth exchange will be an impetus for young artists to co-operate at the European level. We will also tackle the topic of employment/entrepreneurship in the art field, urban art history and a citizen approach of graffiti.

School&job | di Redazione Sanità Roma | 14/06/2013

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